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Wow. Just wow.

I wanna pity, blame and hate myself right now, but some christina aguilera song pops into my head after a while telling me to soar or some shit.


*spreads wings*

Don Jason and Mike are no more. Clossure took place between Jason and I about an hour ago. He smiled in my face and told me he loved me and shit, but then went and made an entry talking shit about me. I mean really talking shit... it almost hurt my feelings. lol Im just extremely puzzled. I thought Jason was better than that, I truly did. Sad. I guess he was right when he said we all had changed during our time away from each other, but I guess as to where I changed for what I believe is the better, jason did not. Why did I assume he did? Oh well. Life goes on. Hope all works out for them. See ya at the Grammy's.
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