Mike (sxydddy16) wrote,

I dont really have anything to say. No, I take that back. I have something on my mind that has to do with friends of mine that kinda hurt my feelings over and over again today and also managed to piss me off quite a few times. And for no reason. Maybe Im just not worth considering. Even if I try to be as kind as kind can be, it doesnt seem to matter. Maybe no matter how fucking kind I wanna be, Im not worth feeling guilty over. Ugh. Whats wrong with me? Or whats wrong with everyone else? Today was one of those days where I felt completely ugly in every way. Ugh, seriously, I couldnt look in the mirror. Its weird. But thats what I get though. I know better than to let a few people get me down like this, even if my brother is one of them. No one should have the power to bring me down like this. But, I guess because I have no one around showing me love or whatever, its hard to shake off. I met someone today though. Hes pretty cool. We dont have any kind of solid friendship but it helps. He'll prolly end up being my boyfriend... we sort of vibed on each other that way. This helps a little, yah, but again, it aint solid or anything. At least I have hope. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Anyway, I didnt wanna go into anything depressing when I started, I apologize if it seems IM whining. I dont even feel like updating to be honest. But I want to start getting used to frequent updates cos Ive been really neglective lately. Oh and not only that, PAULY said that I should so yah, I did.

Im done.

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