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Pop, Stop, Drop, Hot!!

I fell off the face of the earth for a while, but I'm officially back. Hello, yes, it's really me, the infamous Mike. :-)!! First of all, I miss eveyone soooo much, and I hope you all are doing just fabulous. Hi Steve, DON, Arnah, Lanna, Richie, JASON, Curtis, Paul, Josh, and anyone else I forgot! You guys read what my crackhead brother wrote about me? Apparently I'm some crazy, child molesting, drug using psycho who needs to be put to sleep. Oh, and I beat old ladies. Ok now, honestly, that shit hurt my feelings at first. How could my own brother break into my livejournal and write all of these horrible things about me? Ok, yes. I did get arrested. But Sean wasn't a victim of a "deep stab wound" or however he exaggerated it to be. For anyone who has siblings, you know fighting is inevitable. And when drugs are involved, it becomes a bit more violent. The whole thing was BS. Straight up retarded, I kid you not. But, having said that. I'm glad it happened. I was on drugs and it WAS a serious problem. I literally almost lost my life. Thankfully, I got arrested and had an opportunity to get sober, which to this day, I still am. If I hadn't of been arrested, I'd still be in the scene. But all that's old news. I'm doing sooooo freakin good right now and I'm sooooo happy that I'm back to myself and god. I could hug you. I'm happy. That's just best thing in the world. To be happy. I made it "through the rain" (scuse me mariah) and I'm stronger and happier than ever. Yay! :-P I couldn't have done it without my mom though. Seriously you guys. I mean, a lot of the past six months I've had to depend a lot on my own self to get through things, but I wouldn't be where I am right now if my mom didn't love and care for me so. She's been my backbone. No, she IS my backbone. And I will never, mock my words, NEVER do anything to jeopardize our relationship again. Ok ok ok ok ok, enough about that. You guys email me back or leave comments because I miss you guys so fucking much it stings. Ok? Love you guys...

<3 Mike
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