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Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.... But I Think I'll Miss This One This Year

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm at my ex-boyfriends house in L.A. spending christmas with him and his family. I saw my family yesterday, we got together on christmas eve due to conflicting scheduels and stuff. I got some pretty good gifts, Im grateful and content. I had a blast though last night at Steven's (my ex) family get together. We didnt leave until 1 in the morning. His family are all so nice, sweet, and funny as hell. I dont know why I was so nervous...

Steven asked me to join them when they took family photos. I was sooooo touched. Anywho, Im here in LA until tomorrow, then its back home and back to work. I just thought Id try to get back in the habit of using my livejournal once more by sharing how my holiday went, and of course to wish you all a very merry christmas.

Peace out bitchez! :P
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