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Everyone is stupid. Society, what our world has become makes me ashamed to be human. Ugh. I hate ignorance. Ive never had this much trouble with being gay ever. Im tired of it being treated like its wrong. Love is love. I love Joey and just because he's of the same sex, doesnt mean its not valid or that its less significant. Faggot, queer, homo... Im fucking tired of it. Im a human being. I wish I was a girl. Not really, I love my penis. But if I was a girl, I could give Joey what he wants and I know, I just fucking know Id make him the happiest boy alive and provide him with the lack of love and happiness that he so deserves. I feel ugly. He's talking about leaving soon. I miss him already.

I have to thank him for that night before he goes... and for everyday spent with him for that matter. Every second, wether we were fighting or fighting some more... I always and will always love Joey R. I gots to go, he needs to check his email. I should be in school...
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